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Nune Production
is a creative studio
for design,
web production,
and creative guerilla.

Studio was established in 2003 by Nune Popović & Tamara Ćetković >>>

Nune is a creator and Pioneer
of the massive non-violent resistance to the totalitarian regime of Slobodan Milosevic
in Serbia. From 2000 to 2010 Nune has being living in Ljubljana, where he works as a concept creator, copywriter, creative director and advisor >>>

Tamara has worked as a designer and art director in Ljubljana since 1994 and has either won or been shortlisted
for many awards, including an Epic
a (Milano) and Golden Apple, MIAF (Moskva). She has exhibited artworks in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Austria >>>
Milica is our lovely Ragdoll companion >>>

Web portal Stari Grad Plain >>>

Annual Report SID-PKZ
Annual Report SID-PKZ >>>

Logo for Sony campaign
Logo for Sony campaign >>>


Concentrate >>>

Nature >>>

Transformations >>>

Faus Revolution
Falus Revolution >>>

Nune TV >>>

Creative Guerrilla is a positive mode of action. The basic principle of the Creative Guerrilla is: create with the available things you have, rather than swarm about what you need
Creative Guerrilla >>>

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